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We are promoting a new cleaning technology for any surface which is more effective, efficient and also disinfects/sterilizes without the use of chemicals. The application of the technology cuts across multiple industries with zero impact to the environment. No water waste, no use of cleaning chemicals, no chemical residues, highly effective, mobile and ability to not just clean but also killing bacteria, virus and micro-organism with over 90% efficiency. The use of this technology would have a huge impact in ensuring we have a germ and virus free environment.

Innocrave Solutions Limited Nigeria is the sole distributor of the Optima Steamer & Inox 6000 steam equipment in Nigeria. The manufacturers are the best in the world with numerous international awards. We have three main customers

  • Industrial
  • Corporate
  • Domestic¬† Customers.

Our primary revenue stream is sales of the equipment but because the technology is new in the Nigeria market and demands awareness at low cost, servicing revenue became secondary stream of revenue. We intend to grow with both streams of revenues then develop support and maintenance stream.


Interior that would make our facility the preferred locations.

Deliverable Description
Toilet fittings Touchless WCs, Water faucet and Soap dispenser ( COVID-19 ready)
Electrical fittings Lights , Generator if needed, Solar optional, water pump
Water Storage 24/7 Water tank on sky folder
Maintenance Facility cleaning and maintenance will leverage on steam technology to clean and disinfect facility interior from bacteria / virus which is 100% effective. Powered by www.turbowashit.com
Advertising options Digital screen(s) or Bill Boards

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